Monday, March 1, 2010

It's About Time

Hello Everyone!
I would first of all like to apologize for our lack of blogging. It seems we are so busy that it is hard to find time to sit and write about everything going on. I am going to try and catch ya'll up on what has been going on in GHANAAAAA.
First of all, I would like to say that it has not been an easy week for me. I found out on Thursday about a good friend of mine passing away in a traumatic accident. I am sure most of you heard about the death at SeaWorld. Dawn was a wonderful person, and I am really going to miss her. I was fortunate enough to have just spent some time with her while I was home in November for my grandfather's funeral. Needless to say, I will be dedicating a day in our classroom to Dawn - filled with SeaWorld photos, videos, and hopefully opening my student's eyes to Dawn's message of believing in the impossible and following your dreams.
With that said, let's get onto Ghana.
We are currently in our 7th month I believe. We have received our flight details for our return trip. Megan and I will be back in the States on July 2nd.... get ready 4th of July... here we come.
I cannot believe our time is going by so fast. Yes, we still have a lot left; but I know it is going to be so sad to say goodbye. It is hard to think about.
So I am sure you want to know what we have been up to. Life in the convent has been pretty great. Lots of comings and goings. Sister Maggie has been in Uganda for a while, Sister Mary has been in Cape Coast, Evelyn left for the States, and Comfort and Alice leave on March 12. However, we have some girls who are thinking of life as a religious who are here and they are a lot of fun. We have been having movie nights (Hitch, Happy Feet, Rudy, Armageddon, etc) which are fun to get the Ghanaian perspective on American movies. I think there is more explaining what is going on than understanding... but that is okay.
Last weekend I hosted a party. I told everyone to meet on the rooftop at 8 for drinks. And by everyone I mean all the Sisters. It was a great success. We listened to music, talked, and enjoyed ourselves.
Our classroom has been lots of fun recently. The students are doing so well. We have midterms this week and it is always exciting to see how much these guys are learning. It's pretty reassuring to us about the job we are doing. I would like to share one story that occured today that really made me laugh. The question was where does a fish live? On land, in the air, or in the water. My dear friend Nathaniel answered on land, so I asked him what fish lives on land. Without thinking, without a slight hesitation, he stands and responds, "Madam, a dead fish." I nearly lost it and had to explain the question read: Where does a fish LIVE? I was implying that a dead fish is not living. Good try Nathaniel, and thanks for the laugh.
I think it was 2 weeks ago that Meg and I decided we wanted to take a field trip. So one day I was planning some science things using a textbook from the US. I came across an idea that said take your students to a shoreline, to look at water, sand, and air. I said hmm... we are studying water, sand, and air, AND there is a beach not to far away. When we presented our idea to Sr. Esther she LOVED IT! So Megan and I will be taking our kids, along with Sr. Veronica and the 1st graders to the beach on Thursday. It will be the first time a lot of these kids have seen the ocean, even though they live less than 20 min away from it. We are pretty excited.
Well... thats it for now. We have a 4 day weekend coming up, so we will post after we have some exciting adventures. Most likely off to Accra for some pizza. I hope everyone is doing well. All my love - Katie

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  1. Katie,

    I'm so sorry about your friend, Dawn. Just from what I've read in news articles, it seems she truly did live her dream that began when she was a little girl visiting SeaWorld.

    We're preparing in the USA for the return of Megan and Katie!