Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wonderful Wa

From Sunyani, approx. 5 hours north, is a great place known as Wa… in Degari (local language) meaning “come.” So we responded to the call of Wa… and we went. We took it upon ourselves to stay at the Catholic Spiritual Renewal Center, let’s just say we left 4 days later feeling renewed spiritually, thank you Wanye Spiritual Renewal Center. We aren’t sure if you had to be religious if you wanted to stay there, but they didn’t ask so we got the sister discount.

While in Wa, we met two classy gentlemen named LaCase and Maxwell. They became two very good friends and our personal tour guides. Not only did we take porridge, rice in a community bowl, and yam fufu, with these two cool cats, but they also showed us the Wa-Na (meaning chief of Wa) Palace complete with 42 rooms for each wife and a personal introduction to the CHIEF OF WA!!! The Wa-Na himself. Yes, we had to remove our flip flops and bow down and clap our hands 4 times before we could sit up and address the chief, well not the chief directly, but his personal sidekick. No one may talk directly to the Wa-Na but we think he kinda liked us so he let a few words slip and spoke to us. The reason for this could be that we received, personally from the Wa-Na himself, local tribal names. Katie is Tibuorataa meaning “let us love one another.” Meg is now known as Suntariba meaning “one who helps and looks after others.”


  1. Megan - your new name, Suntariba, fits you very well!

    1. I really miss everything about u guys. Thanks Meg and Ktie